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Nonprofit, human service and association organizations are at an increased risk for cyberattacks because they're one of the most vulnerable targets. Cybercriminals know that these organizations operate on limited budgets so they may not have the latest software updates and/or security measures in place. Additionally, nonprofits and associations publish their tax fillings, staff names, emails, and other potentially exploitable information online.


While many tips for protecting your organization from cyberattacks will help, the best defense is making sure you have cyber insurance. It not only provides coverage for damages and loss to your systems and data, but also defense for lawsuits against your organization due to cyberattack.

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Lamb is the largest insurance broker in the country dedicated exclusively to helping nonprofit and human service organizations manage their risks. Lamb leverages its expertise, experience, and insurance carrier relationships to deliver the most comprehensive insurance program available at an advantageous cost to you. With more than 1,500 clients nationally, Lamb is truly making a difference by aggressively pursuing our mission of "protecting organizations that positively affect people's lives."

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